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We offer top turbine blade scrap price and will travel to any location in the world to assess and purchase all forms of aviation scrap, including aviation airfoils, large IGT parts and turbo impellers.

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Turbine blades are among the most sophisticated single crystal superalloys in the world because they can be casted to form one continuous material with zero grains. The result is a turning blade with exceptional mechanical performance under high stress environments within the turbine engine. As the processor for the most successful melt shops in the world, you can trust Quest Alloys for quality turbine blade recycling.

Turbine Blade

Scrap We Purchase

Gas Turbine Blades We Purchase:

  • GTD111
  • IN792
  • IN738
  • FSX414
  • ECY768

Jet Turbine Blades We Purchase:

  • PWA 1480, 1484, 1426
  • MarM200 (Hf) MarM247 MarM509
  • Rene 77, 80, 125, 142
  • Rene 80 Rene 125 Rene 142 Rene N5

Turbo Impellers We Purchase:

  • Inco 713
  • GMR 235
  • HS31
  • X40

Supply Source

  • IGT Repair/Inspection facilities
  • Power Generation
  • MRO Repair facilities
  • Overhaul facilities

The fuel that burns inside a typical commercial jet engine combustion chamber is about 2,000 degrees Celsius (3,632 degrees Fahrenheit). With this in mind, the creep value of a turbine blade (it’s ability to withstand deformity under intense mechanical loading and heat) is one of its most important characteristics. Creep life is determined during the manufacturing process and is the reason why single crystal superalloys casted with zero grains are so valuable.

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