Germanium Scrap Recycling

Quest Alloys specializes in germanium recycling and purchases all forms of germanium metal scrap and germanium lenses.

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Germanium Recycling Experts

Germanium is a rare earth metal in finite supply. Yet, majority of the germanium mined is not recycled. This poses a dilemma, especially for the electronics industry, who heavily relies on germanium for the production of certain pieces of equipment.

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Certified Professionals

As an ISO 9001 certified processor, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality service and top germanium price, which varies depending on form, caliber, radiated materials, and other factors. Our global team will travel to any place on earth to assess, sample and verify germanium scrap. We also handle all details related to the import or export of your germanium metal, which enables us to pay for and transport materials fast.

certified iso 9001 company

Metal We Purchase

  • Germanium lenses
  • Germanium optics (we dismantle)

Where Germanium Is Found

  • Fiber-Optic systems
  • Germanium lenses - Infrared
  • Solar applications
  • Germanium semiconductor

Because germanium has a high index of refraction and a low optical dispersion, it’s an ideal element for camera lenses and optic fibers. In fact, the largest industrial use of germanium is in fiber and infrared optics.

Germanium is also transparent in the infrared spectrum, which makes germanium lenses particularly useful for thermal imaging in military operations.

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