Niobium Scrap Recycling

Quest Alloys specializes in niobium recycling and procuring pure niobium metal for super alloy additives and refinery units for chemical processing.

We Are

Niobium Recycling Experts

No significant niobium mining has taken place since the late 1950’s, which makes recycling this semiprecious metal increasingly important. We purchase all forms of niobium scrap and Nb-containing residues, and offer top niobium scrap price.

Our team travels worldwide to inspect, sample and verify Niobium materials. But what truly distinguishes us from other niobium recycling and processing companies is our ability to handle all logistics surrounding the export or import of your metals and alloys. For customers, this means the best niobium scrap price, quick payment and delivery of goods to anyplace in the world.

We Are

Certified Professionals

We are an ISO 9001-certified processor and supplier, and operate under full compliance with all major air and vacuum smelters.

certified iso 9001 company

Scrap We Purchase

  • Niobium metal clip
  • Nb alloys
  • Niobium Titanium
  • Nb residues
  • Nb2O5 Niobium Pentoxide

Where Niobium Is Found

  • Super alloy production - Inconel 718 - 625
  • Alloy steel additive
  • Super conductor magnets
  • Niobium Titanium

The largest consumer of niobium metal is in the production of specialty steels. This can be in the form of ferro niobium or niobium pentoxide. Added in small amounts, niobium increases the strength of steel. The second largest user of niobium is in the super alloy production of turbine or jet engine parts. Alloys like Inconel 718 use 5.5%Nb, which allows it to perform in extreme environments.

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