Tantalum Scrap Recycling

Quest Alloys specializes in sorting, valuing and recycling all forms of tantalum and ta-containing materials, including tantalum solids, wire, turnings and refinery residues.

We Are

Tantalum Recycling Experts

We are experts in tantalum refinery, and extend our inspection, sampling and verification services to customers anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we handle all logistics surrounding the import and export of metals and alloys, and offer competitive tantalum pricing.

We Are

Certified Professionals

As an ISO 9001 certified processor and supplier, we pride ourselves on fast service, prompt payment and compliancy with all major air and vacuum smelters. Call us and discover how simple tantalum recycling can be. We pay for and move your materials from anywhere in the world with superior efficiency to ensure prompt delivery of goods to our global consumers.

certified iso 9001 company

Scrap We Purchase

  • Heat Exchanger Tube
  • Tantalum Wire
  • Crucibles
  • Sputtering Targets
  • Chamber Spray
  • Tantalum Powders & Residues
  • Tantalum Capacitors

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