Tungsten Scrap Recycling

At Quest Alloys, we purchase tungsten in all forms, including tungsten carbide, elkonite, tungsten powder and all heavy metals.

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Tungsten Recycling Experts

Tungsten is one of the most unique and rare of the base metals. Classified as a strategic metal, it has the highest melting point of all the elements, and is incredibly hard in its purest form. It’s also finite, which means tungsten recycling is imperative to preserving the limited natural supply. It’s unique qualities and scarcity directly contribute to high tungsten scrap price. However, value greatly depends on the grade, form and quality of the tungsten scrap

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Certified Professionals

We are ISO 9001 certified, compliant with all major air and vacuum smelters, and will travel to any location in the world to assess, sample and validate tungsten materials. But the reason customers choose to work with us is because of our high-quality process, including complete management of the import and export of your tungsten material.

certified iso 9001 company

Scrap We Purchase

  • Insert Grade – Cutting Inserts, Thread Chasers
  • Straight Grade – Carbide end mills, Drills
  • Mining Grade – Compacts, PDC cutters
  • Heavy Metals – Elkonite, Elkonite 10w3, tungsten Silver
  • Tungsten Spray Powder *
  • Sludge/grindings - Wet or dry *
  • Solids with attachments *
* Tungsten price per pound for refinery material varies on tungsten content and the occurrence of contaminates Refinery forms:

Where Tungsten Is Found

  • Hard metal - Cutting tools and wear parts
  • Alloy add - Jet engine parts
  • Armaments - Military Use
  • Filaments - Halogen Lamps

In its impure state, tungsten is brittle and difficult to work with. But in pure form, the metal can be cut with a hacksaw and manipulated in a variety of ways.For this reason, tungsten recycling is extremely  important to the hard metals industry, who primarily uses carbide-cutting tools, wear parts and spray powders. The metal is also ideal for high-temperature applications, including electrical conductive, fluorescent lighting filaments, heating elements, the armament for missiles and more. Tungsten is also commonly alloyed with other metals to strengthen them.

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