Indium Scrap Recycling

Quest Alloys purchases all forms of Indium metal scrap and indium solder. Our global team will travel to any location in the world to assess, sample and verify indium material.

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Indium Recycling Experts

Indium is one of the softest, most malleable metals on the planet with an extremely low melting point, making it an ideal metal for soldering. Because Indium is considered a rare metal (typically found in zinc ores) indium recycling is important to sustainability.

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Certified Professionals

As an ISO 9001 certified processor and supplier of indium scrap and solder, we strictly adhere to all major air and vacuum smelters. Customers can depend on us to handle all logistics related to the import or export of indium materials. Indium price will vary depending on factors like form, quality and quantity of materials. Because Quest Alloys manages the purchase and transport of indium material from start to finish, we are able to ensure fast payment and delivery to customers around the world.

certified iso 9001 company

Scrap We Purchase

  • Indium solder
  • Indium gallium alloy
  • Indium Tin oxide

Where Indium Is Found

  • Indium Oxide -LEDS and Electroluminescent Panels
  • Indium Compounds - Semiconductors
  • Indium Gallium -Solar applications

Indium is primarily used in the manufacturing of LCD screens for televisions and computers. Because LED and EL lighting is becoming increasingly popular, the demand for indium is growing, which continues to push indium price higher.

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