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Tantalum, prized for its corrosion resistance, plays a pivotal role in electronics. Recycling Tantalum is a sustainable choice, preserving resources and curbing electronic waste.

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Rhenium, essential for its high-temperature resistance in aerospace, is sustainably recycled to conserve resources and minimize industrial waste.

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Niobium, key for its strength in steel alloys, benefits from recycling to save resources and lessen waste in manufacturing.

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Tungsten, renowned for its high melting point and aerospace applications, becomes an eco-friendly choice when recycled, lessening the environmental impact associated with its production.

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Zirconium, crucial in nuclear reactors, gains a second life through recycling, contributing to responsible handling and sustainable practices in the energy sector.

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Hafnium, crucial for its role in nuclear reactors, is efficiently recycled to safeguard resources and reduce industrial debris.

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Germanium, a semiconductor essential in electronics, promotes environmental responsibility when recycled, minimizing the ecological footprint of electronic waste.

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Indium, valued for soldering, supports the circular economy when recycled, reducing the need for new extraction and refining processes.

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Titanium, vital for its strength and lightweight in aerospace, is recycled to preserve resources and decrease environmental waste.

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Materials We Recycle

Recycling finished materials is vital for sustainability goals. We meticulously extract and reuse valuable components.

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The Quest Difference


With over 13 years of experience and an outstanding track record, our success and reputation is proof — we are the frontrunners in minor metals recycling and processing.

Onsite Inspections

Quality and compliance are among our top priorities. We firmly adhere to ISO 9001 requirements and tirelessly work to deliver a high-quality management system that operates efficiently and without fail at all times.

Global Reach

No matter your geographic location, you can depend on our global team for the inspection, purchase, import or export of your metals and alloys.

Fast Payment

We always deliver on promises, including fast payment with our streamlined transaction process.

Quality Processes

We travel to any location in the world to perform thorough on-site inspections and assessments.

Customer Service

We place customer care above all else, and measure success based on the long-term relationships we build with our customers.

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I’ve personally done millions of dollars of business with the Quest staff over the years. They make transactions very easy and seamless. Their global reach and expertise in the minor metal and high temp space is substantial.
Operations Mgr, Global High Temp Co.
All transactions are handled expeditiously and professionally. 5-star customer service.
President, Minor Metals Specialist